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Our Services

As an electrician in Huntington Beach with over 16 years of experience, there is no job too large or small for us to handle. Triplex Electric is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded electrical contractor, and provides our customers in the surrounding community with a wide variety of electrical services.

In addition to being technically proficient and fully trained electrical contractors, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer our customers much more than a professional skill set. Triplex Electric is dedicated to providing every one of our customers with an honest, straightforward quote upon our consultation, and we work with you to not only complete our project, but save you money in the process.

Electrical Installation

When installing new electrical equipment in your home or business, we have the attention to detail to ensure that everything is wired correctly the first time. Performing the task correctly on the first attempt guarantees that everything will be done safely and up to code, and saves our customers the time and money it takes to have something redone or replaced a second or third time. Please click the link to our Electrician Services page for more information.

Heating and Air

The most important aspect of these services is examining the climate control system to confirm that system is running properly and efficiently, and hasn’t began to wear out as a result of age and repeated use. Fried or malfunctioning circuit breakers are usually the culprit when having issues with the heater and air conditioning, and can become a safety hazard to everyone living in the home if they are not replaced or upgraded. Because of this potential for danger, we strongly suggest hiring a professional, certified electrician to take a look at the unit, and all of our technicians at Triplex Electric are experienced and trained in proper safety protocol when conducting any sort of electrical project.

Modifications or Relocations

Adding or upgrading your power supplies are always important when doing any kind of remodeling or additions in your business or home, which serves to provide power to the new rooms. Depending on the size and scope of the addition, it is sometimes necessary to to completely relocate the existing electrical system in order to run power through your new rooms.

Although some of our customer have tried to cut corners by doing some of the work themselves, we strongly discourage them from doing so. Modifications and relocations are dangerous work to anyone not a professional, and may cause shortages and other issues that can be a danger to everyone living in the home or working in the business. We’re all about saving money, but we want to help you to do so in a way that isn’t at the expense of the safety of your family.

Panel Upgrades and Replacement

Electrical panel replacements and upgrades are generally necessary in order to either replace faulty, aging equipment, or to provide additional power to new additions or appliances. Many older homes do not have the capacity to provide power to all of the electric appliances that we are using today, so upgrades to the electrical panel are common in order to accommodate all of your appliances.

Breaker Panel Services

This service is often provided to replace an old, faulty wiring in the home or business. The decision to upgrade or replace the panel is made on a case by case basis, and although some units are still able to function properly with only a few minor repairs, others have so many faulty wires and poor connections that it is better to just replace the breaker panel outright. Sometimes replacement of the unit may not be necessary, but is the most cost effective solution.

For more information about our breaker panel services, please click the following link. Please be sure to consult your Triplex Electric technician to see whether upgrade or replacement is right for you.

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Our Services  

  • remodel electrician
  • electrical panel instillation
  • electrical panel upgrade
  • circuit breaker evaluation
  • circuit breaker replacement
  • new additions
  • outlet and circuit additions
  • new construction
  • residential electrical
  • commercial electrical
  • recessed lighting
  • car charging stations

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Commercial Retail Lighting

In order to help all of our business owners, Triplex Electric has lighting solutions customizable for wide variety of businesses and services. Although there are some design firms that advertise this service, our experience is that many of them are not well versed in the technical aspect of the service, and are not familiar with the strict safety codes implemented by your city. Our technicians are not only technically proficient, but have been trained in the aesthetic aspect of the different styles of lighting appropriate for retail stores, medical clinics, salons, waiting rooms, and other services.

Recessed Lighting

From the consultation, to the planning, to the final instillation, Triplex Electric works side by side with our customers to provide them with the highest quality recessed lighting fixtures that fit perfectly with their vision of their home. Whether in your home or business, kitchen or master bedroom, recessed lights can make a beautiful addition to your home, and increase the value of the property. The lights are also incredibly energy efficient, and can help you to save money on your electric bill every month.

If you’re interested in learning more about our lighting services, please click the following link to our Recessed Lighting page.

Level 1 and 2 Car Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles have boomed in popularity over recent years, and Triplex Electric has stayed current with the trends by providing all of our customers first class car charging stations in their home or business. Whether you’re just testing the waters with an introductory Level 1 Charging Station, or looking for something more efficient like a Level 2 Charging Station, our technicians are able to safely provide you with an instillation. Although some EV companies advertise their charging stations as DIY friendly, we strongly advise against this, as some charging stations have the potential to do damage to electrical system as a result of faulty or outdated wiring.

For a more detailed explanation of your car charging station options, please go to our Car Charging Stations page.

Triplex Electric: Your Trusted Electrician in Huntington Beach

Whether providing honest, straightforward quotes, to saving our customers money on each of their projects, Triplex Electric is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services as an electrical contractor. As resident of Huntington Beach ourselves, we take great pride in the service we provide to our neighbors, and do everything we can to make sure that their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded.

So whether you’re looking for a ceiling fan installation or a complete home remodel, call Triplex Electric today at (714) 587-1728 for all of your electrician in Huntington Beach needs.

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