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Electricity is very dangerous. It is advisable to have professional and fully certified electricians to perform electrical services around your home.

This blog post outlines a few points regarding electricity and safety for your family and your home.

  1. Avoid all risks when electricity is concerned. Electricity can kill as well as cause serious burns and health problems.
  2. When undertaking electrical work hire a certified local electrician to give you a quote on the work required. Don’t be tempted to save money by doing it yourself. Ask your neighbors, family and friends for a good and reliable electrican. Don’t be afraid to obtain several quotes and choose an electrician according to both price range and ability.
  3. When obtaining quotes, request references and registration certificates to verify qualifications and registrations.
  4. Check all your sockets and plugs for exposed or loose wires as well as damaged or cracked sockets.
  5. Due to the heat generated, light fittings are a common source of problems. Check for brittle or cracked elements.
  6. If appliances have electrical cables exposed or are damaged you should have them tested by a qualified Huntington Beach electrician to make check it is safe to use.
  7. Cover your electrical sockets with plastic covers that are can not be easily removed by children. This prevents children from putting objects into the sockets and experiencing electrical shocks.
  8. Do a first aid course so you are able to respond quickly if an electrical accident occurs.
  9. Buy a portable fire extinguisher. Water is a conductor of electricity thus purchase a chemical extinguisher.
  10. Teach your children the dangers of electricity.