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Electrical Panel Upgrades – Residential

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Do you need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade or Replacement?


There are two main reasons to upgrade or replace your home or office electrical service panel.

  1. The first reason is to upgrade old & faulty equipment. Old service panels are no longer providing the protection and reliability that they once did. An electrical service panel upgrade will bring your equipment up to today’s standards for safety and reliability.
  2. The second reason is to provide more power for your premises.

With all of today’s new technical devices and appliances, it is not uncommon for older electrical services to be insufficient in handling the increased power demand. Homes constructed and wired 50 years ago were built to supply power to the amount of technology and appliances- or lack thereof- that the average resident had in the 1960’s. The average homeowner today has many more devices and appliances than most older homes are able to supply power for, so in order to run all of these appliances, electrical panel upgrades or replacements are necessary.

An electrical service panel upgrade is then required.

An electrical service panel upgrade includes all of your electrical equipment, the panel, the over current protective devices or OCPD’s (breakers), and all of the grounding & bonding that is required to meet today’s existing electrical codes. This usually means installing a new grounding electrode (ground rod).

An electrical panel change is usually undertaken to alleviate the problem with the existing electrical panel.

Circuit breakers can overheat to the point that the buss bar in a electrical panel gets burnt. The conductors between the panel and meter, or main bus bar, can become loose and fuse out the main lugs.

Breaker Panel Upgrades

By upgrading your breaker panel, you and your family can avoid all of the negative, potentially hazardous effects of having old, faulty wiring in your home. Depending on the type of panel and the extent of the repairs needed, we are often able to make repairs to the system, rendering it good as new. In other cases, the panel will have to be changed or upgraded, generally as a result of faulty wiring, age, and the extent of the repairs necessary. Even when a panel does not necessarily require a replacement, we sometimes recommend this option because it can be a much more cost effective solution. With the instillation of a new breaker panel, you can save the time and headache of power failure and repeated phone calls and visits from an electrician, not to mention the cost of repairs.

Upgrading your breaker panel consists of a complete overhaul and upgrade of your existing unit, specifically the repair of inefficient or dangerous wiring, and the installation of modern chips that far surpass those of previous decades when the panel was installed. In addition to the breaker panel, we generally have to change out the meter socket- specifically the size of the wires connected the meter and the panel. With all of the modern appliances and devices homeowners now have, upgrades or repairs are becoming much more common. Older model breaker panels generally aren’t able to handle the amount of power these devices require, and in order for to be able to process the increased amount of power running into these devices, upgrades and replacements are a necessity.

Upgrading breaker panels is a standard part or our job. Serving as a professional electrician in Huntington Beach for the last 16 years, we are able to provide any upgrades, rewiring, or component installation you may require. Our professionals are all fully qualified to make any repairs you need, so regardless of whether you have a modest sized condo or a 5 bedroom home, we can provide you with the necessary unit and installation.

Additionally, having all of your electrical work consistently maintained guarantees the safety of yourself and everyone in the home. Improper wiring is dangerous, and can lead to both large and small fires, and must be checked and maintained in order to look after the safety of your home, and everyone living in it.


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As local electricians in Huntington Beach we are the premier electrical service panel upgrade company in the area.

At Triplex Electric we offer fast, reliable service and great prices. We are very professional and efficient at electrical panel upgrades, and have a full understanding of exactly what it takes to get the job done right the very first time!


electrical service panel upgrade

Breaker Panel Replacement

If your panel is currently experiencing issues, it is often necessary to change out the entire unit with an upgraded, modern system. If you think you may be in need of an upgrade, some of the most common symptoms of breaker panel damage include power outages, and an inconsistent, unreliable power supply to the electronic devices in your home. In some cases, old breakers are not able to handle the amount of power demanded by all of the modern appliances in your home, and can result in fire.

Generally, when a breaker is not able to sustain the power demand, the breaker will overheat, causing the panel to burn out. The specific component affected is called a busbar, which is a metallic strip within the unit that conducts and channels electricity from the panel to the appliances in your home. In addition to – or as a result of – the busbar burning out, it is common for the conductors that sit between your meter and breaker panel to burn out, which can also burn out the main lugs in the system. This most commonly occurs in units composed of aluminum conductors, which are no longer used for this reason.


“Did a beautiful job! I’m very happy with the work they did”

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“They are dependable. I have used them 3 times and he is wonderful!”

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Service panel upgrade, install new circuits, Huntington Beach, CA

“Triplex Electric provides reliable, high quality, and trustworthy service. Half of the power was out in my home, so I gave them a call. Randy promptly responded and was able to quickly identify the issue. Within an hour and a half, he had installed some new electrical parts and my lights were back on. I will definitely call them again the next time I need any electrical work done”.

Melissa Wake

Troubleshoot power issue, Huntington Beach, CA

As a professional electrician in Huntington Beach, Triplex Electric offer all of our customers affordable breaker panel replacement services. We are able to locate the source of the problem and repair the damage quickly and efficiently, and provide our service for a very competitive rate.

Triplex Electric : The Most Trusted Electrician In Huntington Beach

Regardless of whether you’re in need of a complete electrical system in your newly constructed home, you’re looking for minal upgrades in your breaker panel, or anything in between, Triplex Electric has the experience and capability to meet all of your electrical needs. We are a fully licensed electrician in Huntington Beach, and as such place a high value on customer service and immediate response to your issues.

If you’re looking for a professional residential or commercial electrician, please contact us at (714) 587-1728 to make your appointment. You are also able to reach one of our technicians by filling out our Contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.