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Commercial Electrician Services

Commercial Electrician – Huntington Beach, CA – Triplex Electric

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Retail Space Lighting for Your Business

In order to meet the specific needs of each one of our customers,  Triplex Electric is able to install a wide variety of different types of commercial lighting . Whether you’re looking for recessed lighting, pendant lights, LED,  fluorescent, low voltage or track lighting, we can install the commercial lighting that your business requires.

Although their are some businesses specifically devoted to lighting design, it has been our experience that many of these companies are not familiar with calculating the proper lighting requirements for your unique business. Each commercial business we work with has different needs and specific considerations depending on the type of space they occupy and the service that they provide. Retail stores, office space, salons, medical clinics and restaurants- each of these business has a different theme to their service and requires a different take on their lighting in order to maximize their efficiency and customer appeal.


Additionally, each area of your store often requires different lighting schemes, making a combination of different lighting solutions customized to each room the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution. Waiting areas, work areas, general lighting, overhead commercial lighting, and work station commercial lighting each have their own unique feel. We accomplish that by providing you with customized, specific lighting techniques for each room.

Many of our commercial customers were previously using one static lighting theme throughout their business, but noticed a significant upgrade in workplace productivity, sales, and aesthetic climate after implementing various themes. At the end of the day, one lighting solution probably won’t provide the best results for your business needs. Triplex Electric can save you money and maximize your work environment by upgrading your lighting to just what you need, where you need it.

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Occupancy Sensors

We encourage all of our business owners to consider what the effect of a power outage may have on their employees or tenants. Whether this outage is the result of poor weather or mechanical failure, creating a safe, functional environment for all of your customers and employees in the most important standard held at Triplex Electric.

Once safety and comfort has been ensured, efficiency and cutting costs can be addressed.

In order to help all of our business owners cut costs and save money on their electrical bill, we we always recommend that our customers install occupancy sensors in their businesses. These sensors can be installed in many different kinds of rooms, and help to ensure that energy is not wasted and costs are reduced in both the home and the business.

Outdoor Lighting

Many of our customers who own businesses tend to focus on the inside of their building, forgetting the importance of paying attention to the outside areas leading up to their businesses. The outside of your business can be just as important as the inside, especially when considering the importance of properly introducing your potential customers to your business. This is the first thing your customers see when coming to your business, and welcomes the client inside to do business with you.

Safeguarding your parking lot and walkways from potential power outages, as well as providing them with proper lighting for your customers, can make all of the difference. Because of this, we recommend our customers not only install occupancy sensors in these areas, but efficient, energy saving lighting. As a general rule, LED lighting is the best option, but be sure to consult your professional at Triplex Electric when upgrading your outdoor lighting.

Upgrade your Commercial Lighting

Warehouse Lighting for Your Business

Because lighting fixtures are constantly being updated, the fixtures your business had installed only 10 or 15 years ago are now out of date. In order to keep up with these changes, the lighting industry has made great strides in lighting technology in recent years, and upgrading to new, more current fixtures can help save you and your business on energy costs every month.

Energy costs are predicted to rise by as much as 40% over the next 10 years, so in order to bring you and your business up to date and help save you money, Triplex Electric offers all of our commercial customers modern warehouse lighting solutions. Upgrading your lighting not only helps save our customers money on energy costs, but helps to increase employee productivity in the workplace.

Don’t waste money on higher energy costs that are rising every year. There a wide variety of new fixtures and superior lighting options that are available today. Updating the lighting fixtures in your business from outdated magnetic ballast fixtures to new, electronic fixtures is an efficient solution for all businesses today. Not only can new LED fixtures greatly reduce your energy costs every month, their maintenance costs are also much lower than their outdated counterparts.


It is no exaggeration to say that there hasn’t ever before been such an advancement in lighting technology, making the incandescent and the fluorescent light source a thing of the past. Advances in the lighting industry have provided commercial business owners with a slew of new options for their fixtures, allowing everyone to save money and update their fixtures in the way most compatible with their business.

Call us today and let Triplex Electric help you to save money and increase productivity with your new commercial lighting solutions.


Commercial Electrician Services

  • TI’s, Remodels
  • Panels and Meter Sections
  • Transformers
  • Lighting
  • New Circuits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Disconnect Switches
  • Connect Motors & Machinery
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • 120/240 volt systems
  • 120/208 volt systems
  • 277/480 volt systems
  • Add New Voltage Systems

The Most Trusted Electrician in Huntington Beach

Whether you own a warehouse, retail space, or any other form of commercial businesses, we have the ability to help you maximize the efficiency of your workplace and save you money in the process. As a trusted electrician in Huntington Beach for over 20 years, Triplex Electric has the knowledge and experience to supply you with the most modern, efficient lighting systems, and to provide the instillation for a fair, honest price.

Our electricians are all fully licensed and certified, and trained in the most up to date industry standards of wiring, and complete all of our work in a timely, efficient manner.

If you’re looking to update the lighting fixtures in your commercial business, call us today at (714) 587-1728. You can also request service by filling out the form on our Contact page.